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Frequently Asked Questions
The video or stream quality is bad, what can I do?
Most of the time, this is an issue with Internet connect or even Bandwidth. If you are having performance issues related to limited bandwidth: 
  • We suggest you shut down any other items that may be using your internet bandwidth. That can include phones, TVs, WiFi enabled electronics. Doing so will limit the amount of devices connected to your network, thus making the connection stronger. 
  • Conduct a speed test to ensure you have adequate bandwidth to play videos.
If the issue continues please check our Twitter for the latest streaming status updates. If no mention of any issue, it must be related to your internet connection. 
Is the video content available on mobile devices?
Yes it is! When you click to register/buy, your mobile browser will open a new window. After you have created your Cleeng account and got/purchased your access, just go back to NPF-TV.com. You can connect from your computer, phone or tablet anytime you want to. If you have registered/purchased your ticket before on a different device, simply login with your Cleeng account and again you'll have full access.
Can I watch from different computers or phones at the same time?
Yes, when you have completed registration after purchasing your package on one computer/tablet/phone, you can simply use the same credentials to watch on another device. Keep in mind that your access can be restricted if our systems detect abuse.
Do I need to download anything to view the video content?
No. Once you have a ticket, you have instant access to NPF-TV Live Streaming. The video plays automatically in your browser. It works on PC, Mac®, tablet or smartphone. But you must ensure you have a proper broadband connection for this video.
Can I stream a video on a big screen using Chrome Cast?
Cast your favorite entertainment from your phone or tablet straight to the TV. Use Chrome browser and follow the steps as explained on the official Chromecast pages:
Can I stream a video though my iPhone/iPad through my Apple TV?
You can easily and instantly purchase and watch any video, directly on your iPhone and iPad. It works no matter where you are, all you need is a strong internet connection. Though, if you'd like to stream a video to your AppleTV to watch it on the big screen, you can use AirPlay directly from your iOS devices.

What you will need:
•       iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, or iPod touch
•       Apple TV

Note: Your iOS device and Apple TV need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Check out more information on AirPlay usage directly on Apple.com
I want to buy the season but the system says “You already gained access to this offer”?
NPFTV offers a full 365-day pass. If you get this message it means your prior pass has not expired yet. Please review your library by login into https://cleeng.com/us/my-account with your account and check the column “Access” to see if your pass is still in place.
I have problem accessing the content I previously bought. What can I do?
Few options are available:
Option 1: Search your email inbox for "Cleeng receipt". Have a look too at your Spam/Junk folder. Once found, click on the link inside the description and re-enter your credential if necessary. Make sure you use the same email address or Facebook/Google access as you did for your initial purchase. It should work!

Option 2: Clear your browser cache. You can find how to do it here. Then follow Option 1.

Option 3: If it still doesn't work, possibly your initial order didn't go through. Please place another order. File a refund inquiry below mentioning your Cleeng receipt number(s). We'll proceed with refunds within 72h after the event.
How do I update my payment method?
To update or remove your payment method to remove your credit card info from your account, please follow these steps:
1.     Go to https://cleeng.com/us/my-account and log in.
2.     Go to 'Settings'.
3.     Scroll down and click on the 'Change' button, next to 'Your credit card details"
4.     Or, to remove, click remove
Is my Credit Card secure?
Yes, fully! Your profile, balance and access information are securely stored on the Cleeng servers. All actual transactions are done on the Cleeng servers using 256bits SSL encryption, and payment processing meets the highest PCI compliance standards
My payment is rejected, what can I do?
It might be that your bank is refusing the payment, so you may try to contact them (see phone number at the back of your card). Alternatively, please try to use a different payment method.
Refund request
Cleeng only processes a "Refund request" coming in via this refund request form. Requesting a refund does not mean it will be granted automatically. For your purchase and the refunding process the Cleeng Terms & Conditions apply:

A User will be automatically granted a refund, 24-72 hours after the refund request was submitted, only in the following cases: 
1. A User made a double/multiple purchases using the same registration/login data.
2. The content was misleading – the description didn’t relate to actual content of the video
How do I use my promo-code/coupon?
If you received a promo code / coupon follow these steps to access your content:

1.  Go to the website you got a coupon for.
2.  Click the 'Purchase' button.
3.  You’ll see a pop up window, asking you to register. You can choose to use your Facebook or Google credentials, or simply register with an email instead.
4.  Once registered, you can redeem your coupon code.
5.  If your coupon code entitles you to 100% off of the initial price, you will receive the access to the content right away.
For more information, please click here
Who is Cleeng and what’s a Cleeng account? 
National Pro Fastpitch has partnered with Cleeng to manage its video eCommerce activities, who is a reputable expert solution in this field. Cleeng simplifies the access to unique quality content. Using your Facebook or Google account, it takes just a few seconds to create a Cleeng account and then purchase access using Visa, MasterCard, Mobile/SMS or PayPal. You can track your purchase(s) and settings through the content library, and connect on any of your devices.

Note: Cleeng does not own any rights on the content itself, nor is responsible for the organization of the event itself.



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