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NPFTV is the exclusive live streaming and video archived platform for the National Pro Fastpitch League. What that means is, NPF regular season action, a total of 150 games in 2017, can all be viewed either live or through Video on Demand (VOD) on NPFTV.  The VOD feature, allows fans to search for any game that has already streamed live, and play it back at any time. The league will also continue to add regular season and Championship Series action from previous seasons dating back to 2004. NPFTV is a subscription based platform, meaning customers must register and pay either by the month or by the year, to view the majority of content on NPFTV. The yearly fee is $49.99, making the individual game price for the 2017 season, .33 cents each.

Each team is responsible for the individual productions of their “home” games. You will notice variations in overall production from team to team. Those notable differences will include overall amount of cameras, ability to switch to multiple camera views, ability to replay action, on-screen graphics, and announcers. Some markets are more experienced than others with the goal from season to season to be an overall improvement of the viewing experience. Customers should not expect television quality productions from NPFTV, but overall should find solid value for the amount of the subscription.

We believe it was an important and major step in 2016 to launch NPFTV, allowing fans for the first time in history to follow along with the action of every single regular season game.  We appreciate your support as we grow NPFTV and continue to improve the product.

After you purchase your 30 Day or Annual Subscription to NPFTV, a receipt will be sent to your email account verifying your purchase. If you did not receive an email, please check your spam folder. This verification email will also contain a link for you to sign in to start your viewing. If you have any trouble with this process, please reach out to support@cleeng.zendesk.com.

We have also included a Frequently Asked Questions Section in order to help you quickly solve any issues you are having. http://npf-tv.com/faq/


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